Resources for Learning International Relations

textbkcov-long-0205971369For 2013-14, as in the past year, I plan to blog only sporadically while posting material useful to students using my textbook International Relations. The most recent is a Portuguese and Spanish glossary translating the book’s key terms (i.e. the major key terms in IR). Thanks to Emile Phaneuf for contributing this resource. Other resource now available on this site are:

Global Challenges in 2030 — Essays by IR scholars Joseph S. Nye Jr., Beth A. Simmons, Shibley Telhami, John Gerard Ruggie, Charli Carpenter, Andrew Moravcsik, Daniel W. Drezner, and Michael W. Doyle. [Navigate forward through posts from the intro page.]

Careers in IR — “How will this class help me land a job?”

My current list of Wars in Progress

And of course past blog posts relating current affairs to IR themes will remain on the site as well.  By the way, I’m always happy to hear from students anywhere in the world who are using the book.  (Contact info.)

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